This is a photo of the first pet lamb we had at our country lodge. William was so cute and like any tourism business, he grew up strong with the right care and support. We would love to have the opportunity to support and grow your business as well.

New Zealand’s scenery is a key ‘draw card’ for international visitors. However an authentic experience with Kiwis is also rated as a major factor and this is where your level of service becomes  important so let us help you ‘make their day’.

I believe that a good product, well thought out systems and procedures along with great staff will ensure your customers have a wonderful experience and have their expectations exceeded.  They will market your product at no extra cost. There is no alternative to satisfying customers if you want to grow your business.

Here is what we can offer for you to ensure this happens;


Managing the visitor experience so they have their expectations exceeded is critical to the success of any business. While the product and systems in place are important, the standard of customer service your staff provide plays a critical role in ensuring your customers will ‘sing your praises.’ Training covering specific skills and attitudes will help ensure your well-chosen staff will ‘deliver the goods’.

Customer Service Training


Helping you demystify your Health and Safety requirements and ensuring you have good practices in place such as addressing Hazards and Risks, coping with emergencies and reporting events is so important. I can help you meet the current requirements for your operation.

Health and Safety Systems Developed and Implemented


Guiding is a passion of mine. To work in a special environment with happy people who are on holiday is ‘living the dream.’ There are exceptional guides who stand out, guides who just go through the motions and guides who with guidance and fine tuning could ‘up their game.’ Let me help you get the best from your guides.

Guide Training


Do your guides offer your customers a commentary that is based on a flow of facts with no links, theme or interaction or do your guides entertain, educate and enthral your customers, giving them a wonderful meaningful experience? A good interpretation plan that flows with captivating stories can help ensure your customers have their expectations exceeded. Let me help you develop an interpretation plan that ensures this happens.

Developing and Writing Interpretation Plans


Having “audited” tourism operations for the past 5 years as part of the Qualmark process, I know the importance of ensuring that “all your ducks are in a row.” I can help you prepare for these occasions so that you can “show” and not just “tell” and help ensure your auditor sees you as a professional operator.


Are you planning to start up a tourist business? Whether it be accommodation such as a Lodge / B&B / Homestay / Air B&B / or an Adventure Tourist activity or other Visitor Experience, I can help you. We started up a charter boat experience for an American couple in the Mediterranean and also set up and operated our own 5 Star Lodge just out of Queenstown. From these and other experiences I can support you during the initial ‘start-up’ period.

Set Up and Start a Tourism Business


It is good business practice to have sound well thought-out business systems in place such as financial records, operations manuals, a marketing plan, methods of gaining feedback and review processes etc.


Mentoring, marketing, agents, social media and strategic planning. In our years in the tourism industry, we have met many small operators who have enjoyed the opportunity to sound out ideas, talk about issues, hear how to get agents onboard, maximise social media and address future challenges. I may be able to provide just the support you need.

Small Business Support


Gaining feedback on your operation allows you to identify areas that you can fine tune. You may think ‘all is well’. However it is what your customers think that really counts. I can help evaluate your performance, carry out a mystery shop experience, set up and run a customer satisfaction survey or analyse social media sites.


In 2017 TIA launched the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment. Alongside our 100% Pure ‘campaign’, the aim is to have all tourism operations focussing on ensuring they are environmentally sustainable. I can work with you to implement initiatives that help you meet social and environmental responsibilities and still be economically sustainable as well.


I may not have the level of expertise you want in the following areas. However I can help you source providers who can meet your needs in such areas as…
• Marketing…advanced
• Digital marketing
• Design and Print
• Website development
• Advanced Social media
• Dealing with visitors from other cultures
• Reservation and Channel Management systems


Energy, Enthusiasm, Passion and Professionalism. Yes, that is what I will bring along when working with you. The tourism industry is an exciting one which I just love being part of. I really enjoy my guiding opportunities and also find it most satisfying working alongside operators who look to fine tune their operation and meet the daily challenges in this exciting industry.